I am a student of Faculty of Information Technology(http://www.itfac.mrt.ac.lk/). University of Moratuwa(http://www.mrt.ac.lk/). Currently studying at final year of my degree hope to finish it by August 2008.

I am also one of the four Microsoft Student Ambassadors in Sri Lanka. Since 2006 January. We have been carrying out lot of activities for the students of the universities and helping them to gain the newest technological knowledge and try to bring down the gap between the graduate and software industry of Sri Lanka. Student Champ Community (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/studentchamps/)

I am also a software developer for the Utap solutions http://www.utapsolutions.com/ (a small company with a bit apatite for new technologies). I use technologies such as ASP.net 2.0 ,C# ,SQL server, SQL reporting , Crystal reports 2005, Ajax , Expression Blend, WPF, Silver light, etc… in my developments. I post what I feel Important for me which might be useful for you as well in my tech blog @ https://buddhikas.wordpress.com/ I may not be the best of technical experts, but its worth keep trying some things.

I also keep tack of the activates and events that I do with in this blog( http://buddhika82.multiply.com/ )


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  1. How is your degree going?

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